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In the late s, the design was revised with the introduction of the Fenestron tail rotor system, an advanced rigid main rotor, composite materials, and resonance isolation systems. In January , the EC made its first public appearance at the Heli-Expo convention at Las Vegas , at which prospective buyers were reportedly impressed with its appearance and performance figures. The EC T3 was introduced to service in December The EC is a twin-engine rotorcraft.

The EC can be equipped with either a conventional flight deck or the Avionique Novelle glass cockpit — the latter allows for single pilot instrument flight rules operation. Various cabin and cockpit configurations are available for the EC, depending on the role performed and the operator's preferences. It can hold up to five passengers and a pilot when configured with a standard executive interior, or seven passengers in a dense corporate interior.

Airbus Helicopters has promoted the airframe's various configurations as possessing "unique adaptability" for various missions, including utility work, commercial transportation, and training roles. In a training capacity, features such a light aircraft recording system for post-flight analysis , intuitive human-machine interface, specific training modules, and a one-engine inoperative training mode, and full ground simulators, may be selected. Deliveries started on 1 August , when two helicopters and were handed over to Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht.

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The th EC was handed over to the Bavarian police force in June ; by which point the worldwide fleet had accumulated approximately 30, flight hours. In , Eurocopter announced that the 1,th EC to be produced had been delivered to German operator ADAC , roughly 15 years following the start of production. In , the EC was the first aircraft selected for offshore wind support in the UK after the Civil Aviation Authority approved helicopter operations to the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm.

In October , Waypoint Leasing and Airbus Helicopters signed an agreement for the acquisition of up to 20 EC for public leasing purposes. The th was delivered in January , as over customers in 60 countries accumulated more than 4. Most are in Europe , followed by North America and Asia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aviation portal. Archived from the original on 19 July Retrieved 18 July Airbus Helicopters.

Air International. Retrieved 16 February Retrieved 5 May Watch The Video, Hear The Tapes The Sacramento County coroner's officehas notified the wife of year-old Michael Bowers that he was the driverwhose charred remains were pulled from the wreckage.

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Police have determinedthat Bowers was acting alone. He was not killed instantly, as had been assumed. Thecoroner's office says that he did not die of a massive head injury or othertrauma. Medical examiners still are trying to determine whether he was killedin the inferno that followed Tuesday's crash. Clickhere to listen to this interesting recording. Here is a very interesting recording I came across of the NationalWarning System's system during the quake. Weather, and various othermilitary and government facilities.

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It was designed and maintained to alertthe states to a nuclear attack. Requires RealAudio. Nicelittle chase and foot bail in Solano County. Audiofrom Alaska crash. Here is an audio file of the communications from Alaska flight justbefore it crashed into the Pacifc ocean, its amazing to me how the pilotstill maintained his composure during this event.

Use this linkto listen to this chilling audio. Here is a time-compressed recording of the North Hollywood radio frequencythat morning It runs about 8 minutes. It begins when patrol officers in unit 15A83, who had been flagged downby a citizen, called in a "possible robbery in progress.

Thisrecording differs somewhat from the " magazine" transcript,which was taken from tapes of several frequencies during the incident. SomeUS Customs communications. AdditionalUS Customs communications.

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Nicejob by Star 1 in Contra Costa County finding a perp. Nicechase in SF. Secondpart of recording. A stripper and her boyfriend suspected in killings in two states werecaptured in San Francisco yesterday after trading gunfire with police ina rush-hour chase across the city. The minute chase ended on the Embarcadero just north of Pacific BellPark, with year-old Joshua Maxwell and year-old Tessie McFarland,both of Indianapolis, surrounded by more than 20 officers.

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McFarland wasshot in the neck during the chase and was reported to be in stable conditionlast night at San Francisco General Hospital. The two were trapped after running red lights, driving the wrong wayup streets and shooting at police, who shot back. In all, dozens of roundswere were fired as the pair weaved through crowded streets in a stolenpickup truck.

Hot loading of a patient into NJ State Police Helicopter Robbinsville NJ

The driver of the truck, he said, appeared to be enjoying himself. He looked like he wasn't concerned at all that the cops werechasing him. No bystanders were hurt. Officer Jesus Pena was hit in the eyes by flyingglass when a bullet shattered his car window. He was treated at St. FrancisMemorial Hospital and released. The pursuit began at p.

The new gold-colored pickup turned out to have been stolen from a sheriff'ssergeant who was found bound and shot in the back of the head last weekin San Antonio, Texas. The driver of the truck sped away, starting a chase that zigzagged throughthe South of Market area and the Mission District, with the fleeing suspectsat one point zooming the wrong way on Seventh Street.

Mark Brecke, 34, said he was coming out of a bank at Fourth and Brannanstreets when he saw the pickup go by with two dozen police cars behind,the truck's female occupant reloading a gun. The pair eventually were cornered on the Embarcadero near Second Street. Police blocked off streets until just before 8 p. Rudy Lopes. Lopes was 42 and had worked in the county jail for 15 years. His wifereported him missing last week. His body was found in a drainage ditchbehind a mall in San Antonio. His truck and two of his guns were missing. McFarland and Maxwell had already been charged in Indiana with murder,criminal confinement, arson and theft in the death of year- old RobbyBott, a Federal Express employee who lived in Brooklyn, Ind.

The car in which the two were believed to be traveling wasfound abandoned in San Antonio. Police Capt. Joel Rush of Speedway, a suburb of Indianapolis, said Bottmay have met his killers through a telephone chat line advertised in publicationssent to local strip clubs. Policesaid Maxwell had been released from prison in January after serving timefor burglary. She was like a wild child -- she likedto go out and party, but she always obeyed my rules.

The couple came to Bott's home, then went with him to a house in Speedwaywhere Maxwell and McFarland had been staying, police said. Rush said Bott's home was ransacked and he was forced to accompany thepair on a spending spree, buying jewelry, clothes, lamps and even wastebaskets. The next morning, authorities found his body stuffed in the trunk ofhis burning car. He had been shot and strangled. Before fleeing the state, McFarland left her 2-year-old son with hermother in Indianapolis, even signing over legal custody of the boy to herthe day Bott's body was found.

Rush welcomed the capture of the couple. CHPdispatcher on the Statewide frequency with an open mike :. CHPair working on speeders and also telling a very funny joke. CHPChopper assiting in catching speeders in Marin. Adispatcher on the CHP frequency warning the intruder of the penalties. A radio pirate has broadened his invasion of police airwaves, expandingfrom the Berkeley police channel to include Albany, Richmond and CaliforniaHighway Patrol frequencies and using profanity to berate and taunt dispatchers.

So far, authorities have been stymied in their attempts to stop theillegal transmissions, which began earlier this month with false reportsof crimes and are now increasing in vitriol with obscenity-laced tiradesat dispatchers. Russell Lopes. Tuesday, a man on the main Berkeley police channel reporteda , the police code for a shooting, providing a location using streetsthat do not intersect, Lopes said.

A dispatcher recognized the voice from previous incidents and beganreading off a prepared script demanding that he stop using the channelimmediately. The rebuke, first read by dispatchers after a series of breachesby the same man on December 14, only provoked an angry retort by the man. When the dispatcher warned him that his transmissions were being recordedand passed on to the Federal Communications Commission for possible prosecutionby the U. How many years am I facing, I want to know. The dispatcher directed officers to go to a secondary police channel.

There were no further interruptions that night. Wilson said the incidents were mostly nuisances. The Stockton Police Department Strategic Plan: The Stockton Police Department is an outstanding organization that also recognizes the need and opportunity for continual improvement. The Police Assistance Line is a national number for people to contact police for non-emergencies.

Feed Notes. Alfred J. This permission does not extend to developer pre-release versions of TFAR. Gracie is spanked and discovers something new.

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Channel 01 is the Priority Channel. Tasmanian Police Scanner.

police radio and recordings and medical helicopter Police radio and recordings and medical helicopter
police radio and recordings and medical helicopter Police radio and recordings and medical helicopter
police radio and recordings and medical helicopter Police radio and recordings and medical helicopter
police radio and recordings and medical helicopter Police radio and recordings and medical helicopter
police radio and recordings and medical helicopter Police radio and recordings and medical helicopter
police radio and recordings and medical helicopter Police radio and recordings and medical helicopter

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