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Consider placing listings under every possible national brand you're authorized to sell, but be aware that sales reps try to steer advertisers away from trademark ads. Advertise horizontally Can't decide which heading to advertise under? Choose all of them.

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Advertising horizontally gives you broader exposure, and lessens your reliance on single large display ads. It also allows you to target different customers depending on the heading under which the ad is listed think search engine marketing. The more competitive headings may still require larger ads, but big displays are not necessary in every category.

Advertise in multiple directories Every market in the US is served by at least two telephone directories, and often three or more.

Yellow Page Advertising Design

Additionally, businesses often have service areas that extend beyond the reach of their primary telephone directory. Don't assume that if you're in the biggest directory you'll automatically be found. Bigger is not always better Publishers introducing ever-increasing ad sizes have contributed to the belief that advertisers have to be first and biggest under their main heading. But size comes with a hefty price tag, and advertisers compensate by stuffing the ad with too much information.

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Again, consider the heading and the type of information readers searching under that heading need. Think targeting. Mistake 2. Lousy copy Yellow Pages readers are gathering information to make a buying decision, and advertising copy should help them make that decision. To avoid this mistake: a. Include a headline "[So many] advertisers use their business name as the headline for their ad," Larkin says.

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Give a reason to initiate a dialogue Larkin recently needed to replace a windshield. While a Yellow Pages ad alone will never close a sale, smart businesses that provide extra information are more likely to open a dialogue with consumers. Work closely with the sales rep or write the ad yourself Sales reps don't get paid to create a good ad -- they get paid to sell space.

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Mistake 3. Muddy or unappealing design Remember your most basic advertising requirements: a. A business that is not online does your business have a website.? If I am looking for something, I go straight to Google and get fresh results for the products I am looking for.

Not a phone book that is a year old or more. Thousands of businesses everyday are realizing they are losing their cut of 1. Don't waste your hard earned cash on the old phonebook. Referring to the web designer's comment. As someone who has worked in an advertising agency setting as well as in house marketing, what every advertiser should take into account is your target audience.

For instance, I no longer live in a city of 1 million people. Also, our service is for an older generation, who still use the phone book. Though a web page is important, which you can easily do yourself just research sites you like and use Hostmonster , a phone book can be necessary. It's misguided to think that a website can replace a Yellow Page ad. Sure, anyone can go to Goole and get results, but if you website isn't on the first page, then you'll never be found.

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When people crack open the phone book, you ad is always there, in the same place. It doesn't depend on "keywords" or some obscure algorithm to appear The point is that you should use the advertising medium s best suited to your type of business. There's no "one size fits all. Haines, I completely agree with you. To abandon printed Yellow Page ads would be a big mistake for many companies. I live on the Web and am constantly using Google to search things, but in the last two weeks, when I needed a couple of vendors to come visit my house, I opted to find them via Yellow Page ads, rather than the search engines.

To your point, it's all about understanding how your customers shop and catering to their specific ways of finding you. When you make assumptions about how consumers behave, you typically will end up making mistakes and lose revenues in the process. In response to the web designers comment, I disagree that placing an ad in a phone book is a waste of time, true many people are switching from land lines to cell phones, but the most common place to find a phone number for a business is a phone book. Even if you aren't using a land line when looking for a local business it is much easier to flip open your phone book than attempt to find it online.

What are you guys, dinosaurs? Get with the times! Even my grandmother doesn't use a phonebook anymore! Phone books are still a viable advertising medium for many industries. Don't forget to check out our free webinar! So, how do phone book advertising and local search marketing compare?

Phone Book Vs. Only 11 percent use the white pages.

Yellow Pages Advertising for Sign Shops

Even as far back as , less than half of the population was using the phone book regularly. Just saying. Your email is optional and will not be shown. Local Search. Visit Library. Join the club! Subscribe to our blog.

placing an ad in the yellow pages Placing an ad in the yellow pages
placing an ad in the yellow pages Placing an ad in the yellow pages
placing an ad in the yellow pages Placing an ad in the yellow pages
placing an ad in the yellow pages Placing an ad in the yellow pages
placing an ad in the yellow pages Placing an ad in the yellow pages
placing an ad in the yellow pages Placing an ad in the yellow pages
placing an ad in the yellow pages Placing an ad in the yellow pages

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