Low cost divorce in virginia

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How to File a Divorce in Virginia

The Divorce Process In Virginia In Virginia, you and your spouse can file for a contested or uncontested divorce, depending on whether you can agree on major issues like property division and child custody. The benefits are many: Your divorce can be finalized in as little as six months or one year when minor children are involved.

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Staying out of court helps save costs and is less stressful. You have control over the process. The decisions and compromises you make are often much easier to live with.

You can and should have an attorney represent your individual interests. Do You Need Divorce Advice? Talk To Our Lawyer Today. Bold labels are required. Site Map.

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The Guide to Low-Cost Divorce in Virginia

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Zip Code. Home Legal Help Center Divorce. More About This Topic. If you are reading this, we understand you are likely NOT very happy with your situation right now, but I can predict that you will be happy with your Counsel here. Your team of trial lawyers and paralegals have dedicated our practice to ensuring just that! No question. You absolutely need to move now to protect your assets: your children, your home, your property, your retirement—your future.

Fast Divorce in Virginia

All attorneys are NOT the same. We can help. It is therefore VITAL, that you work with a lawyer with a different philosophy than the old frustrating norm.

The most common complaints about divorce lawyers? No communication, too slow, and cost too much. At Holcomb Law, we are changing the way people think about divorce lawyers. The divorce process is complex, even confusing—at a VERY rough time already. So how shall we get this done right, protecting your assets and your future, all without losing your mind? It might be a little known fact, but there are options. What about Mediation for example? What if going to Court was our last option instead of our first?

See our Mediation Page for more information.

$ Virginia Uncontested Divorce | Virginia Low Cost Online Divorce Lawyer

Another option is to insist on a Negotiation Settlement Conference as a means of settling all property issues in about one day and outside of the Court process. There are options. We are a firm of litigators. There are times when going to Court is the only option or the best option, and in that case, we understand warfare! Many of our family law attorneys have a military background after all.

Low cost divorce in virginia
Low cost divorce in virginia
Low cost divorce in virginia
Low cost divorce in virginia
Low cost divorce in virginia
Low cost divorce in virginia

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