How to read a ford vin number

What's a VIN Number (Vehicle Identification Number)?

You can find out a variety of information about your Ford car or truck by decoding its vehicle identification number. Your vehicle's VIN number is unique to it and provides information about where it was manufactured, when it was manufactured and what options were available for it.

You can decode a VIN using several different methods, all of which will provide you with more or less the same information. Locate your Ford vehicle's VIN number. The digit number is listed on numerous locations throughout the vehicle's body, including on the left-hand side of the dashboard near the windshield and on the sticker in the driver's side door jamb, as well as on any paperwork pertaining to the vehicle. Break down the VIN number. You can rewrite the code on the piece of paper or type it into a special field on the site to start using a classic Ford VIN decoder.

Let's consider how the Ford serial number decoder works. For Ford cars, the turning point should be considered as If you take the cars that were manufactured earlier, their VIN codes consist of 11 characters.

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The newer cars have 17 characters. There are two main markets that the Ford cars are manufactured for such as American and European. The Ford VIN decoder options allow you to find out information about the geographical location of the manufacturer. If the first digit is 1 , then it is the USA, 2 is Canada. If the car is produced in Mexico, it will have number 3.

In the Ford car was manufactured in Australia, you will see the symbol 6 and 9 for Brazil. The VIN code for vehicles produced for European market begins with an alphabetic character. To find the complete equipment of the car, the Ford truck VIN number decoder is needed. The letters A, B and T correspond to the limousine with a 5, 3 and 2 doors. The tenth number indicates the year the car was made, or the year of manufacture.

It begins with A for , the first year a standard digit VIN was used. Step 6: Determine where exactly the car was manufactured. The eleventh digit tells which plant actually assembled the car.

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Step 7: Decode the remaining numbers. The rest of the numbers provide the production or serial number of the car and is what makes the VIN unique to that specific car. To find out this manufacturer-specific information, you can check their website for a decoding sheet or ask a service repair shop if you can see one.

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How to Read a Ford Vin Number | It Still Runs

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How to Find a Car’s Engine Code in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Part 3 of 4: Learn the meanings of the numbers You can also learn how to read your VIN by understanding what each set of numbers means. This digit is specific to each manufacturer. Some companies provide VIN lookup on their sites to give you more information about your vehicle. Home Articles. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Articles. What is a Clean CarFax?

Related Questions. Where do you find the vehicle identification number? Each car is required to have a unique vehicle identification number VIN. This is used for a very wide range of things, from your title to your insurance and much more. Without a VIN, your car is likely not insurable Where is the vehicle identification number located?

how to read a ford vin number How to read a ford vin number
how to read a ford vin number How to read a ford vin number
how to read a ford vin number How to read a ford vin number
how to read a ford vin number How to read a ford vin number
how to read a ford vin number How to read a ford vin number
how to read a ford vin number How to read a ford vin number

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