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Finding Her Social Profiles

If she accepted, I would be able to view her profile details. I checked the chrome plugin Prophet to try and locate other social profiles, but it didn't find anything in this case. There are about 40 people search sites that I know of, and most of them are pretty terrible. They are full of ads, false positives, and try to sell you access to any mostly wrong information they can find.

Name Changes

At this point, my bias was to assume a fake name for fraud, but I also know that is unlikely if the fraud involved marriage, since the name would have to be real to have anything be legally binding. The details were different from what I had expected - the woman matched was older than I expected by almost 20 years, but had the right town.

Imogen is an unusual but valid full name for the nickname Jen.

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On a hunch, I used this new name on every person search site again and finally found proper matches. Collecting the information each site shows for free, I was able to piece together some interesting information:. Public record searches can be challenging because every county has a different way of searching and some don't even have online access , but a great site to see what's available is BlackBook Online , which provides links to various county search sites.

I was able to look up the address I had gotten and found property records for Jen, listing her home assessed value, full name first, middle, last, and a fourth name. I then went over to Zillow to check the property and found the sales history letting me know when the house was purchased and for how much. The property was last sold in Going on to the second address and doing the same search, it was owned by an unrelated party, and Zillow showed no recent sales.

I would guess this meant that the second address was likely a rental. I was concerned about the discussions about husband death and behavior change, so I wanted to find out more about her past husbands and their information. With the full name information and address data, I can start finding out their names and details.

Two new last names to check! Running back through people searches with each of two new names I found some more interesting information. The following information was pieced together from multiple search site results for each name, as well as people search results for the names of the husbands I found:. Armed with more details about the husbands, I could try to learn how they died and when they were married.

Death and Marriage records are difficult to come by - sometimes they are posted online or in various places, but public records need to be requested formally and are often denied to non-family members. I wasn't willing to do that in this case anyway. If you have read my other posts, you'll know I don't use Google for search, but this is an exception. Elie Olivier Richard.

Using Person Search

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    how to find someones middle name How to find someones middle name
    how to find someones middle name How to find someones middle name
    how to find someones middle name How to find someones middle name
    how to find someones middle name How to find someones middle name
    how to find someones middle name How to find someones middle name
    how to find someones middle name How to find someones middle name

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