History of bmw clic cars

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BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) History Documentary

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History of BMW

Ok Google, navigate home. Ok Google, navigate to work. Ok Google, call Helena. Turn it up Need some classical music at rush hour? NPR One. Up to then, the company had only built engines rather than complete vehicles. The basic concept behind the original BMW Motorrad model — a boxer engine with longitudinally-positioned cylinders and cardan-shaft drive — was so sound that it remains a fixture of the company's motorcycle line-up to this day. BMW's first post-war car was the , built from A large sedan capable of seating up to six people, it was powered by an evolution of the six-cylinder engine used in the pre-war BMW Although not a commercial success, this luxury model restored BMW's status as a manufacturer of high-quality, technically exciting cars.

BMW presented its model at the German Motor Show, filling a gap in the market in the process.

BMW Group Classic: History

This was the model that re-established BMW as a successful modern carmaker. The design of the four-door mile-eater immediately generated excitement and orders far exceeded production capacities. By , the company was back in profit. Propelled by an electric motor and thus entirely emission-free the i3 delivered an all-new driving experience of compelling agility and unbridled fun. Never has sustainability been so electrifying.

History of bmw clic cars
History of bmw clic cars
History of bmw clic cars
History of bmw clic cars
History of bmw clic cars

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