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Many instructors lashed out at their charges, he and former students say. A week after he arrived, Krsna Avitara, then 12, says he was grabbed, hit and kicked by a teacher.

Festivals were the highlights. The newly outfitted students were paraded like priests before adoring crowds of Indians.

ISKCON News: Festival of Colors Explodes Across North America [Article]

But school offered few respites. We thought that this was what love was about. Rukmini, a student at the Los Angeles gurukula, describes a teacher attacking her with a metal pole. More painful was being forced to sleep naked in a bathtub because she had wet her bed. Sociologist Rochford says it is impossible to know how many of the approximately 2, boarding school students were abused.

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Even the most loyal Hare Krishnas tend to agree with his assessment that much of the harm occurred because the movement that prized celibacy did not value its children. Few students recall telling their parents about the abuse. Letters were censored, family visits rare. Bressack, for one, says he barely knew his mother. Only recently did she learn of the abuse.

Young Victims of Krishna Consciousness

In , former devotee Kenneth Capoferri was convicted of seven counts of lewd and lascivious conduct with young children at a child care center run by the Hare Krishnas in Los Angeles. Anuttama, the spokesman for the Hare Krishnas, says that the GBC, or governing commission of top leaders, did not understand the depth of the problem.

The Radha Krsna Temple 1971 2010 Remaster + bonus tracks

I personally witnessed severe child abuse by the teachers and registered complaints to no avail. Even a GBC member, Hare Vilas, says his colleagues were aware of the problem since the late s and failed to act. Former devotee Peter Chatterton, a father who once headed the international association of ISKCON temple presidents, says his family felt the repercussions.

Six months into the marriage, a year-old boy said Kapitany had molested him in Vancouver. Kapitany was eventually found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to six months in jail in Vancouver. Chatterton asked Kalankatha, then temple president, to ban the man from the premises, but he refused. Two years later, Hare Vilas, the regional director, asked the man to leave. But by then Chatterton had left the movement.

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    Festival of Colors Explodes Across North America

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    There is a wonderful article on Utah. Here is a short quote from the full article:. The Krishnas do not proselytize but the invite everyone to their weekly services and vegetarian feasts, as well as the annual LlamaFest in nearby Spanish Fork. They also exude amity with their peaceful outlook, karmic good will, and ohm-ing happiness. Located at South Main Street Spanish Fork UT , the Temple hosts seasonal festivals, weddings, receptions, and other weekly services for prayer and meditation.

    hare krishna temple record public miami Hare krishna temple record public miami
    hare krishna temple record public miami Hare krishna temple record public miami
    hare krishna temple record public miami Hare krishna temple record public miami
    hare krishna temple record public miami Hare krishna temple record public miami
    hare krishna temple record public miami Hare krishna temple record public miami

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