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Judges will take into consideration the age of the child ren and how the infidelity impacted them when making these decisions. There is, however, an exception. For example, if a cheating spouse spent money on hotel rooms to support the affair or spent money on dinners, vacations, or gifts for the lover, the judge may take this into consideration when dividing property, assets, and other items in the divorce proceedings.

Grounds for Divorce in North Carolina

We represent our clients with the utmost respect and regard for their specific circumstances. Divorce is difficult. No one gets married with thoughts of how the marriage will end. But when children are involved, along with feelings sadness, grief, loss and so many other feelings, divorce is even harder. Contact us today for a consultation.

Please leave this field empty. Your Name. Email Address. Phone Number. How Can We Help? April 24, Family Law. Three Key Areas Where Adultery Affects Divorce Alimony Your behavioral conduct during your marriage can absolutely play a role in whether you must pay or can receive alimony. Child Support and Custody Child support and custody can be directly affected in a divorce if a judge determines that the behavioral conduct of the spouse has a negative impact on the child.

Jennifer Dixon. Divorce from bed and board is a legal separation awarded to a person in a marriage who can demonstrate suffering at the hands of his or her partner. Reasons for granting this type of divorce include when a spouse abandons the family, oppresses the other spouse including by endangering his or her life , commits adultery, or abuses drugs or alcohol in a manner that burdens the other spouse.

Divorce from bed and board does not effectuate the dissolution of the marriage. Getting a divorce in North Carolina can seem especially confusing if you are a business owner.

What Are The Grounds For Divorce In North Carolina?

If you started the business before marriage, the enterprise could qualify as personal non-community property, which means it is exempt from equitable distribution. However, the spouse being an employee of the business could make him or her entitled to partial ownership after divorce. Further, the active efforts of either spouse to increase the value of that business during the divorce can make that increased value marital and subject to equitable distribution. Finally, a company you started while married or in partnership with your spouse would likely be considered as a shared asset by the court.

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A divorce attorney from The Van Winkle Law Firm can help you protect all of the business assets you are entitled by law. A collaborative divorce ends a marriage without any need to step inside a courtroom.

Legal Information: North Carolina

Each spouse has a divorce attorney present to offer guidance; but that attorney cannot represent the spouse if the spouse wants to take the matter to court. Additionally, the couple usually receives advice from financial advisers, child specialists, divorce coaches, or other professionals with relevant expertise. A set of ground rules is laid out beforehand, and then all parties involved rely on open communication and information sharing to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement.

For a divorcing couple with young children, custody is a major issue. Spouses who are unable to reach an amicable agreement on child custody leave those determinations up to the court. Judges handling divorce cases involving kids follow once principle concerning custody determinations: do what is in the best interest of the children.

How to File North Carolina Divorce Forms Online

If a parent or guardian is not awarded custody, he or she may instead be ordered to pay child support to the other spouse. One way to ensure that you receive all parental rights entitled by law is to hire a divorce lawyer with knowledge of child custody laws in North Carolina.

How to File for Divorce in North Carolina | Rocket Lawyer

On Average, medical doctors have a divorce rate 10 percent to 20 percent higher than the general population. No-fault divorce is when a couple legally dissolves a marriage without attributing the reason for the split to any one spouse. The most common no-fault divorce in North Carolina is absolute divorce: although the nature of negotiations over equitable property distribution, child custody, and similar settlement issues can range from cordial to contentious, the spouses still mutually recognize that their marriage did not work out and that no one party is to blame.

Although most divorces are no-fault divorces, often behavior by a spouse is relevant to claims for alimony, post separation support and child custody.. Among the cases that justify at-fault divorce in North Carolina include when one spouse harms the other through abandonment, substance abuse, adultery, intolerable humiliation, and cruel and life-threatening treatment.

Equitable distribution laws ensure the fair division of assets between divorcing spouses. These laws play a role in all divorce, but the nuances of property-distribution laws are especially significant in high-asset divorce. Marital assets, or property acquired during a marriage, are mostly subject to equitable distribution.

Whereas assets obtained before marriage, as well as gifts and inheritances, can be exempt. In cases of high-asset divorce, the right attorney can help you receive not only an equal share but also your preferred assets, including shared property such as a home or business. North Carolina is home to several Army bases, as well as a large number of active-duty, reserve, and retired members of the military.

When a military member serves overseas, being a far distance from home can put strain on a marriage. Couples can grow apart, and sometimes this leads to divorce. After one year of separation, a non-military spouse who has been a North Carolina resident for six months can file a divorce complaint, even without consent from the serving spouse. A military divorce can be a no-fault divorce agreed to by both parties, while other times, the spouse at home claims an at-fault divorce on the grounds of abandonment or similar issues.

An uncontested divorce is a no-fault, absolute divorce typically filed on the grounds of physical separation in which there are no contested issues.

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