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Current registered users are unaffected. Leave any comments on the Community Portal. Friend of the Kurzicks does not seem to be character based but account based, can anyone comfirm this for luxons aswell?

Friend of a Friend

Just wondering, whats the source for the allegiance titles? Im sure theres atleast steward as I know a guy whos not far from it, but there is no way anyone has gotten to 5mil faction. Its just hard to comprehend anyone ever getting to 10mil.. And as a side note, if I ever did, I'd damn well show that title rather than kind of a big deal. Is it possible to be a friend of both sides i.

Kurzick faction

Yes, but most people probebly wouldn't. Link title -- I am fairly certian that faction can only be transfered in incriments of at the faction transfer NPC. However, I came across a screenshot that shows faction towards a title. Can anyone explain how this works.

It is possible that the screenshot is edited. Here is the link: [ [1] ]. Well I for one, am always about having just the right umber for the titles stopped at 15k sunspear points, 1,, XP before dying.

Luxon and Kurzick Title Guide in Guild Wars

I'm afraid to say that when Factions just came out, if you had the other type of faction in your bar and donated 5k, it wouldn't just take that from you, but it would start to fill your bar a bit of whatever you had. I currently have , faction with the Kurzicks due to that bug. The update from a few minutes ago completely changed the title track! We need some updates ASAP! Its funny how little I know about AB in general. I didn't even know these titles existed That is the most stupid thing I ever heard.

Solus , 16 June CDT. Heck, this update gave me a reason to do alliance battles again.

Title Guide

The allegiance title track was just one more meaningless title until now, and faction farming like mad to desperately keep your faction up gets old REALLY quickly. The rewards are rather underwhelming as well, especially considering the advent of Passage Scrolls Ooh, I can pay just a bit less for stuff! Now I actually look forwards to increasing this title, which makes the PvP junkies I know happy.

Everyone wins! Fucking waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, I'm not complaining about all my faction I could've gained Well, all faction gain can be spent to the get skill and get twice as much for the title. Once a char got them all, you can make a new one and remake it once he get them all too. Vezz , 16 June CDT.

If you farmed 10k faction once every day, it would take 1. Thats commitment. Apparently the Kurzick and Luxon versions of the skills have different icons. Does this mean that there's actually 20 different skills?

Luxon and Kurzick Titles

Can you put both versions on your skillbar at the same time? I've added this to the article. Pulpulpullie , 19 June CDT. I'm playing a canthan character and havent gotten the befriend the kurzicks mission, however after going into my guild hall and playing AB for a while i i spent of my or so faction on a amber and tried to buy a skill and was told "You must achieve at least rank 1 of the Friend of the kurzicks title track before you can learn any kurzick skills!

Whoever added that section missed out a lot, including things like amber and armour as well. And, does GWiki care about things becoming less useful since prices have gone down? And anyway, the main use for exchanging faction for jadeite is for armour, and most people just exchange it for their own armour anyway, not to sell.

Normal attributes, and I have discovered that Allegiance skill numbers go from Please notify me if I'm missing something or if something is wrong. Strictly speaking, this part should be headed with something that also heads the part where it says about donating faction to alliance.

But it will give you more than that 5k faction you need to increase your cap.

Approx 10, luxon or kurzick points for some vanquishes per area or so. I thought it died after the recent bot ban wave? Do one vanquish instead :. Cake Day.

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