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Nothing but this came up. His name was George Lindor. No phone introduction and a bit awkward. Thank you so much for posting this! This helped confirm my suspicion! The initial correspondence looked legit, but suspicion arose once the money orders arrived and subsequent communication was all by text.

Western Union

Beware of this group! To buy and text photos of Walmart gift cards. Check looks pretty real.

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No phone number on it though. It will take a lot more than this to scam me. So far Equifax breach screwed me the most. I got 2 Priority mail envelopes.

Stay Informed.

Both had instructions to deposit the bogus funds in my account, get cash and purchase some store gift cards. Debating whether I should hand the envelopes in to the Police Dept. Or contact FBI. It is a federal offense to use bogus checks. After checks cleared my account, the claim was when I went to the store to buy the computers, the person who I was to report my mystery evaluation to would be named.

I knew it was a scam. What if the cashiers check IS cashed at Walmart and the instructions on the letter NOT followed Does that mean that the check was legit? And, who is responsible for the funds and how can a check clear from a fictitious bank account. How can a victim be held accountable for a fraudulent check that clears and is cashed at a Walmart or check cashing place? Why aren't all these complaints raising a red flag and warrant ing an immediate infestation.

It's not like Walmart doesn't have high powered attorneys who have coffee dates with FBI and FTC agents who could be putting a stop to all this before hundreds more share the same fate.

These scammers need to be stopped and the authorities have the ability to do that but obviously aren't focusing their limited budget this direction. Probably because they don't face the same financial struggles that we fall victim to out of desperation to feed or family, or by a car so we can get work and get parenting time with our children etc.

There is a definite need for a Class Action Suit. Please authorities You are responsible for the checks you cash. If a bank cashes a check, that does not prove the check is good. Federal law requires banks to make money available to you within a day or two after you deposit most checks.

If you cash a bad check, and the bank finds out later that the check is no good, you have to repay the bank. This article explains more about fake checks. I reseived a e-mail saying that there was an offer to get your car wrapped in adverts for a week for 3 months.

Escrow Fraud

Coming from a school e-mail, i thought i was legit so i followed up and then sent me a check for This is when i began to be suspicious. I texted the man and told him that i was not going to go through with this and then he called me. He did not convince me and when i said that, we wanted me to transfer the money to someone named Joann Cox. Needless to say, i did not do it and i came across this when i looked up the phone number. Im going to my bank to see what can be done about this. I received an email in my college email. It appeared to be from the Work Study program at the school itself.

So I replied thinking it would be a good way to make some extra money. It felt strange that a company would conduct business via text messages.

A scam story: Secret shopping and fake checks

Anyway I researched survey scams and found this article and I am glad that I did. I received my first mystery shopper "assignment" yesterday and it is almost verbatim the same as what is represented here. The only exception is that my letter states that in the first part of my assignment I am to purchase gift cards from the Apple Store and then in the second part of the assignment I will be purchasing product from the store using the same cards I purchased in the previous assignment.

Craigslist SCAM with Cashier's Check

I am further instructed that after I have made the product purchase that a "verified agent" will pick up the merchandise purchased from me once I exit the apple store. Obviously, I'm not going to deposit this check but is there anything else that can be done. I am really worried that younger students from the college I attend may have received this same email and fall victim to this scam.

I have emailed my counselor at the school, but is there anything else that I can do? I almost did this! I applied for a job doing secret shopping. I was instructed to deposit check immediately without the bank clerk knowing what this was for. I really almost fell for this!! I am so glad today is Saturday and the banks aren't open.

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  6. I thought I better check it out before Monday. I really hate there are so many people out there that are so dishonest and steal from good people in this way. Im kind of scared I thought this was a real company through kroger Sent me a cashiers check for Tried to find the company for a friend to join and i cnt find it anywhere and then i did a background search on the phone number i was given and it came up with nobody has it What should i do?

    I still have the gift cards and charitable donations and my compenstaion And the reciepts bc im a hoarder for those. Luckily, she told me about it when she received an e-mail from an iCloud account informing her she got the job and the next steps would involve receipt of advance payments to make purchases.

    Common types of fraud | Western Union

    I instructed to block the e-mail and not to respond if she received anything further. Not only was this suspect, but potentially dangerous!!

    I wanna know, since the check cashes and all, what happens if you flip the script on them? I whish I would read this yesterday. They send me this to my college account, I feel so stupid. Apparently it happens a lot with apple giftcards!!! I got the same check last week for a total of dollars.

    The assignment was to purchase 2 apple gift cards then keep dollars as my payment. I just knew something was not right and I had no intention to deposit that check. It just was too good to be true. The person keeps texting about whether I deposit the check. Did anyone get a second check under priority mail that is only the check and no letter but from a company? I never did anything with the first letter they sent me from "Kenny Risak".

    Fool me once I was a fool not twice. Who can I report this to. I received several test and one phone call from a guy urging me to complete to assignment. How do I report this and get them arrested? My first approach was in an email. Filled out an application, got a check in. I am on my third check from 3 different companies. First thing I checked was the fake routing number on the check.

    Then brought it all to the police station to report.

    Overpayment scams

    I'm now just making a collection of the checks and letters. I received a check for I was to go to western union in Walmart and send a person in Florida To make a long story short I took the check to my bank to find out if the check was legitimate and much to my surprise the check was stolen from a reputable company, but the company had not reached that check number yet.

    As a retired postal employee, I received an opportunity thru email. It all looked legit. I even checked the company Seelevelhx; It was a real company. What raised the red flag? The return address was from Tamara Colon, from Texas.

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    Ebay scams western union vehicle cashiers check

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