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We think he was born in the period. Any direction would help. She was baptized September 16, I now of two Daniel born in and Nellie estimates with dates and names who emigrated to the US.

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Any help would be appreciated. I have reached the wall concerning my Burns family. I am having a broblem trying to find the marriage of my great grand parents. His name was Daniel Sullivan from loughane castlecove co Kerry. I have found all the children but not parents Marrage hope some one can help they are not in family search , Kerry parish records. She was the youngest of 7 sisters born in Branden Ireland in County Kerry. He was a fisherman. My grandmothers name was Alice I beleive. I am wanting to get my Irish Passport in honor of my Mother.

Thank You. David I will send you separately a Query Form that you might fill in and return to me. It has targeted questions that should enable me to identify and advise you futher. At least 5 of his children were born there and 2 entered Irish Lights.

There were 4 girls also born during this time but I do not have any dates. Susan Eleanor born c married at Valentia , Isabella born c married at Cork, Olivia born c married at Cork and Elizabeth the youngest still living with parents at Larne Park in William was superannuated in then died in Dublin on 31 Oct at the home of his son Maurice.

William was married to Elizabeth Dockery [Doherty] — no record to date. Their religion was Church of Ireland. However I cannot find any Higginbotham graves in the area — I would be most grateful for your assistance in finding any information. Please let me know if you need any compensation. Thanking you Anne.

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Anne, I know you have given me comprehensive details of your ancestral line here, but I will send you separately a Query Form to fill and return to me. It will have targeted questions and I will be back to you then with some suggestions. Delighted you plan to visit Kerry in Hello, my brick wall occurs with my gggrandfather, James Neill.

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He was born, according to his death certificate, in Castlemaine, County Kerry on March 17, He was married to Frances Ellen Peever in Ireland. She was the daughter of Thomas Peever and Catherine Jones. I too am following James Neill, and his birth date is firm as March 17, Would they have records of their children?

First born was James Percy Neill. Born 25 Dec Shawn, sounds like you and I come fro the same James Neill line. I have traced James line with his 7 kids.

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My line is with John. I am on Ancestry and could share what I have pulled up over the years from many contributors. I did also come across James father as being a James a well. I also have a lot about the Peevers as well. We should chat. Hope this message sees you well.

Andrew and Shawn, Could I come in here. After the collapse of the old Gaelic order in the seventeenth century, all government administration was in English, though most people spoke Irish as their first language for another two centuries. But Engish administration wanted to make English-language versions of surnames and this was forced on the people.

Key, I always thought that little bit was some family members way of explaining it easier to a younger generation why their name was changed in immigration. Reason why I say that is due to several marriages and deaths. Yes it might be a high coincidence, but since my line from James Neill and most of them that came over resided in Vermont.

James and Francis both died in Vermont very late in age. I have traces the line as far as I can get here in the United States, but when it comes to finding anything about James b there has been a huge disconnect. I always hoped that I could find James family… Parents, siblings, cousins… I thought if I traced the Peever side of the family I would had gotten a better picture of when they were Married, and possibly a hint of the Neill family. Again thank you for all your insight… here is hoping I find that one golden needle in the cosmic hay stack we are in.

Missing records. Im unable to locate a baptism for my gt-grandmother Julia Sullivan born about in Trieneragh, Duagh. A common name I know.

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However her fathers name Carroll Sullivan is relatively rare. I have just completed a consultation for a client on this townland — Trieneragh and as far as I can see all births are registered. It is a very easy to operate website with ability to zoom or reduce, brighten, darken etc. You will need to just put the work in … and it is work!

Would someone please send me her email address. He was born around ? I just found out his family was from Killarney, County Kerry. Any info would be most appreciated. Thank you Susan Bergen. Sueshadyacres yahoo. Greetings Kay, I am looking for information on my 2X great grandparents. Honora Shea b. This is according to the Irish Catholic Parish Register.

I have not been able to locate a church name. Timothy and Honora had children Julia T. These children were all born in Dromid. They all arrived in AMerica in Julia and Jeremiah are my paternal Great Grand Parents. My husband and I will be in Ireland this September. I would love to learn the name of the church TImothy and Honora were married in, in the hope that it still exists so that we may visit it. Any other information you may be able to provide would be wonderful. Thanks in advance, Dayle. Dayle I think you might be mixed up.

Dromod is a Civil Parish in south Kerry with 71 townlands. Dromod is also the parish church of Waterville. This is a a location in the Diocese of Cork and Ross in Co. Cork and very unlikely that he would have married in Kerry in He had a brother called Tom Maunsell, born in , Their mother died giving birth to Joe, her name was Joanne Maunsell. Not sure of my grandfathers name.

Any information on this family would be really appreciated. Thank you. Josie, it will be very difficult for you to get any information on anyone born after — that is a hundred years ago. Data Protection rules prevent any of this being recorded online but these rules are ridiculous anyway — if you were in Dublin in person, you could go in and consult the books of registered births, marriages and deaths up to Wir sind derzeit unterhalb des Ortes Scoil.

Die Inschriften bzw. Vorname: J. Der Kommentar soll nur die Information enthalten, dass der Name J. Cremin aus dem Jahre gefunden wurde. We are currently below the village Scoil. The inscriptions or initials can be found near Tobar Beannaithe. There are two inscriptions, unfortunately you can only read a reasonable.

First name: J. Surname: Cremin Date of inscription: December 4 years in The comment should contain only the information that the name J.

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Cremin was found from the year th The numbers and letters are very neat and detailed carved into the stone and the document corresponds to the time. Hello Kay If you are able to help, it would be a miracle! They married in Brisbane on 22 Oct Nowhere have I been able to find a birth record for Johanna to these parents, nor the marriage record of her parents.

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