Birth and death records for italian towns

Certified Italian Vital Records are not available online.

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The Registrar of the Vital Statistics office of the Comune in which the event took place is responsible for preparing birth, marriage and death certificates from the civil registry records kept in the Town Archives. There is no regional office established that keeps these records. For example, if you need a birth certificate for an ancestor who was born in the town of Gizzeria, in the Province of Catanzaro, region of Calabria, you must obtain the document from the Comune of Gizzeria.

If you know the location and date of the birth, death or marriage of your ancestor, we can request the following Records from the Italian Comune:. Timeline: The average time frame to receive Vital Records from Italy is months. FamilySearch currently has the largest and most accessible collection of Italian civil, ecclesiastical, military, and notarial records outside of Italy.

Digitized copies of these records are then returned to the Italian State Archive, a key part of the digitization agreement.

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These records will eventually be indexed by name, date, location, and record type. Ancestry also has a modest collection of Italian civil records. In general, ecclesiastical records extend back to the end of the Council of Trent in or to the construction date of the parish the ancestors attended. Records of defunct parishes are often kept at the diocesan archives. In , Pope Paul V prescribed the keeping of status animarum State of the Souls records, a census-like record used to track the vital statistics of all parishioners and the sacraments baptism, confirmation, communion they had received.

They were also used for taxation purposes in some time periods and localities. Some forms of municipal censuses began after Italian Unification but were phased out with the onset of federal censuses. Federal censuses are usually not available for consultation. FamilySearch has a limited amount of these records digitized or on microfilm but their collection is increasing.

Other types of records do not have as strong a genealogical application as the four listed above.

Diverse Communities: Researching Italian Ancestors Part 2

Italian newspapers are one of these resources. The great majority of emigrating Italians came from the peasant class, which was largely illiterate. However, Italian newspapers are a valuable resource for cultural, social and historical research. There is no centralized source for digitized historical versions of Italian newspapers, like one sees in the U. These records are being maintained on individual newspaper websites.

For example, see the Italian newspaper, La Stampa , which has digitized all of its publications since its founding in You can find these records in the collections of historical societies, as well as state and local libraries.

Further Study in Italian Research. The list below is not exhaustive but does provide important resources for a genealogist learning to work in Italian genealogical research.

This resource is in Italian and contains handwriting samples of abbreviations seen in documents written in Latin. Battelli, Giulio. Lezioni di Paleografia. Bischoff, Bernhard. Paleografia Latina Antichita e Mediovo.

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Birth and death records for italian towns
Birth and death records for italian towns
Birth and death records for italian towns
Birth and death records for italian towns
Birth and death records for italian towns

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