All white people look the same

Commenters began compiling their own side-by-side photos of similar-looking white celebrities:

The answers are based on where the pictures were taken.

What Is Meant By ‘White Privilege?’

For instance, noodle was invented in China, but both Korea and Japan adapted it in different ways. Home About Blog. Faces These are photos taken in New York City. Traditional Architecture This is not as easy as one might think. Urban Scenery This is a tricky one too since modernization tends to make everything look the same. This also kept the responses more accurate as to what the participant was thinking.

There are two different portions of this experiment to allow for time to pass as would in a real-life situation.

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In the first part of this experiment, the participants were shown 24 of the 48 photographs on a PowerPoint presentation. These photographs were placed in random order and shown to the participants. For the second part of this experiment all 48 photographs were shown to the participants in a random order.

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Of these 12 photographs of each ethnicity 6 photographs from each ethnicity were from the first PowerPoint presentation. These photographs were taken from www. For example, there were not any pictures of males with tattoos, bald head, long hair, or vibrant backgrounds. The photographs used were of males who looked typical. Each finished photograph was approximately 4. These photographs were cropped and either enlarged or reduced from their original size in order to make all of the pictures approximately the same size.

The photographs were then imported into a PowerPoint presentation and placed in a random order. The first part of this experiment was performed at the beginning of the General Biology class hour. This experiment began by the experimenters instructing the participants to watch the PowerPoint presentation and pay attention to the different photographs shown.

Each photograph was shown for two seconds. There were 24 photographs, so this portion of the experiment took approximately 48 seconds to perform.

Minorities Don’t Look Alike

Before the photographs were shown to the participants, the lights in the classroom were turned off so the participants could see each photograph more clearly. Approximately 1 hour and 13 minutes later the second portion of the experiment was conducted. The response sheets were passed out to each participant and they were instructed to fill out the top portion of the response sheet.

Some had jokes:

The lights were again turned off so the PowerPoint was more easily viewed. Then the experimenters informed the participants that they would be shown a group of pictures each individually. Each picture was shown for 4 seconds this time. There were a total of 48 pictures, 24 old and 24 new. So, the second part of this experiment took approximately 3 minutes and 12 seconds. There was more time given to the second part of this experiment in between each picture so that the participants had enough time to write down each of their responses.

After the experiment was completed, the participants were told to leave the response sheets on their desks and the experimenters would collect them. The experimenters corrected the response sheets at a later time by placing checkmarks over the number the respondents got wrong and placing the race of the individual in the photograph next to the number.

Our results differed from what we had originally expected. This means Figure 1 below shows the results that were given above. It allows one to compare the ethnic groups and the number of incorrect responses they had made compared to other ethnic groups. Another area introduced earlier is the idea that the amount of interaction that an individual has with another race than their own depends on how well they perform in this experiment.

The Truth about Anti-White Discrimination - Scientific American

The reason for this is that most of the students who go to the College of St. Therefore, you would interact with members of this ethnic group more often. In this experiment, the participants were asked to rate their average interaction with members of their own and other ethnicities. The findings matched our expectations and at the same time were very interesting.

Participants were asked to rate their interaction: 1 if they rarely interact with this ethnic group, 3 if they occasionally interact with this ethnic group, or 5 if they frequently interact with this ethnic group.

From Genius to Madness

So, fairly frequent interaction with this ethnic group. So, occasionally they interact with other racial groups. It is also interesting to note that every individual rated their interaction with their own ethnicity a 5. While analyzing the relationship between interaction and percentage of errors that were made among the three groups, we found no relationship at all.

Whites stated their interaction level was the highest with other whites, but they had the highest percentage correct for Asian faces.

Blacks also stated they interacted the most with their own race, but their lowest error percentage was with Hispanics. The Hispanics had the highest interaction level with 5 for everyone except for Blacks at a 4. They most correctly responded to Asian faces and most incorrectly responded to both White and Blacks. While analyzing our data there were a few interesting points that we noticed. For example, nobody got number 23 wrong.

He was the white male shown below in Figure 6. It seemed that a lot of people had trouble remembering numbers 32, 46, and 48 or Figures 6, 7 and 8. Number 32 was a black male, 46 was a white male, and 48 was an Asian male. They are shown below.

The Fight to Redefine Racism

We believe they were highly similar to other faces and were probably in the middle of the presentation, which is often not memorable to participants. Our data do not support our original prediction of outcomes. We thought the Caucasians would show the largest other-race effect because the College of St.

However, the College of St. Catherine students may also have more multi-cultural interactions than we had taken into account while forming our experiment. The more an individual associates with other races the more preconceived notions can be dispelled and stereotypes lessened. Much of the other-race effect we believe stems from quick decision-making without higher process on accuracy of the face. Or, more recently, we think of the out and proud, tiki torch-carrying, white supremacists who terrorized Charlottesville during the Unite the Right rally in The majority of us were haunted enough in public school just scratching the surface of learning about slavery in America, even though what we learned was a whitewashed version.

But my fellow white people, please understand this:. Does the presence of a black man make you walk a little faster or lock the doors from the inside of your car? Dig deeper. Is that really true? Are you willing to do a social experiment on yourself? Why or why not? But if you could truly conduct a blind experiment on yourself, would you bet good money on yourself?

Would you honestly find yourself more likely, less likely, or equal to presume suspicious activity on a white person walking through your neighborhood versus a black person? You may surprise yourself, and not necessarily in a good way. And you know what? This part is really important:.

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